Ideas lead to innovation…

We are passionate about the fintech space and are fortunate to see incredible solutions being developed everyday by creative and determined visionaries.  Like these entrepreneurs, we also have ideas about what the world needs – ideas based on our analysis, industry insights, and interests.

These interests evolve and may even be completely abandoned if we uncover something that moves our thinking. For now, these are some areas that excite us.  

If your team is working on one of these topics, we’d like to talk to you. If you’re not working on one of these items, but you are building a compelling fintech business, we also want to hear from you.

Banking solutions for kids and young adults

Unfortunately, most children are not taught how to manage their personal finances in school. We believe there is a great opportunity to help young people understand financial services so they may make better decisions as their lives and needs evolve. Traditional financial institutions have not invested in this segment of the population and therefore young people are still underserved.

Global identity verification platform

Many financial services companies are required to verify the identity of their customers. Each country has different rules for how this is done. We believe there is an opportunity to centralize this process so that insurance companies, wealth management firms, money remittance companies, and lenders can focus on providing the best service possible, rather than burning resources for standardized identity verification.

Invisible payments

We think the act of paying for something will be a thing of the past. Our view is that payments will become completely invisible. For example, after a pleasant meal with friends at a restaurant, you should be able to just get up from the table and walk away, while the payment happens in the background.

Insurance adjudication

A big part of insurance risk is how adjudication is done. The industry as a whole has collected a tremendous amount of data that can help assess risk and even proactively suggest the appropriate insurance coverage. We believe that data is the oxygen that could fuel more automation and efficiency in the adjudication process.

Portable credit history/ score

When you move from one country to another, it’s usually very difficult to get a credit card, or a personal loan because your credit history doesn’t follow you to your destination. We believe that an assessment of your creditworthiness should not be geographically bound.

Frictionless real estate experiences

Buying a property is an extremely cumbersome process. We counted up to 10 people/entities involved in the purchase of a new home: buyer, seller, buying agent, selling agent, mortgage broker, lender, lawyer, appraiser, home inspector, contractor. We think this process can and should be a lot simpler.

If you are excited by any of these ideas and you are already working on developing a solution, please contact us. If you are building a different business that will disrupt the financial services sector, we want to hear from you too!

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