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“If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough”

– Mario Andretti 

Building Fintech

Dedication, Sweat and Tears. The life of a champion and the realities of entrepreneurship. Founders face many of the same life changing experiences and emotions as athletes. Much like luge racers, founders moving fast, encounter sudden twists and turns , and have to plan their course while in motion. They have to manage risk, overcome fear and thrive on an insatiable desire to win. They strategize, compete with all their energy and push beyond their limits. At Luge Capital, we seek these rare trailblazers in the financial industry. We help these daring and crazy entrepreneurs build global fintech champions.

We partner

We invest in Seed and Series A, when companies are still planning their course. We believe we can help most by getting involved early, when you can’t see the finish line and the odds are not always in your favor. We’re in the trenches with you from the beginning, when you need us, using every tool in our arsenal. When we invest, it’s for the long term. Your success is our success.

We love
strong teams.

Great teams can do great things. We seek passionate teams who are eager to challenge the norms with better ways of delivering financial services, who think big, whose ambition is to solve real problems that affect people globally. We seek out the resilient ones, the agile and the relentlessly optimistic. We search for those who have unique insight about a global market and an unfair advantage.

We respect the entrepreneurial

As founders, operators, and investors, we know what it means to walk in your shoes. We understand the sacrifice and dedication it takes to build a global champion. The journey is tough and sometimes lonely. We believe in treating your team the same way we treat ours: with respect, transparency, honesty, and empathy.

Our network is your network.

To help portfolio companies grow, we collaborate with world-renowned financial institutions and investors that provide industry insights and resources. Our strategic LPs can become customers, partners, advisors, co-investors and even future acquirers of our portfolio companies.

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