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Passion, rigor, empathy and diversity are the pillars of our culture. We are a diverse group of industry experienced investors, founders, operators, executives and engineers who want to help provide entrepreneurs with meaningful connections, insights and guidance. We never stand on the sidelines and watch. Meet the people working tirelessly to help you own the podium.

David Nault

General Partner

Karim Gillani

General Partner

Laviva Mazhar


Jean-Philippe Brosseau, CFA

Finance Manager

Khrystyna Penyk

Khrystyna Penyk

Investment Analyst

rohan monga

Rohan Monga

Investment Analyst

“We invested in Luge Capital with the goal to actively collaborate with innovative fintech companies. This helps us service our customers and support young companies in their growth.”

Martin Brunelle, Vice-President, Head of the Office of Strategy and Innovation, Desjardins Group           


Our advisory committee represents leaders in the financial industry who bring into play their world-class knowledge, experience, and network to support Luge Capital and our portfolio companies.

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