Status of the Canadian InsurTech Landscape

This exclusive report is an in-depth analysis of innovation and technology trends across the Canadian insurance industry, insurtech startup activities, venture funding and future opportunities.

The Canadian insurance industry will look dramatically different in the next few decades. Insurtech startups, and their collaboration with forward-thinking incumbents, will play a crucial role in shaping that future. As an investment firm with deep connections in the global insurance industry and the backing of several large Canadian insurers, Luge is committed to propelling the future of this industry.

As of August 2023, we have been actively tracking 250+ insurtech startups in Canada and their impact in the industry. We have also paid close attention to incumbent insurers, whose large market presence, breadth of industry knowledge and troves of historical data are essential to fuelling progress.

In the second edition of our report we provide a comprehensive overview of insurtech innovation trends, actionable insights and future opportunities in the industry.

Topics covered in this report include:

  • Current trends in the insurance industry
  • Deep dives into technology trends and insurtechs in the auto, property, commercial liability, life and health insurance verticals
  • Technology applications in each major function of the insurance value chain starting from distribution to claims, and the role of insurtech startups in each category
  • Data-driven insights on startup activity, venture funding and M&A in the insurtech space
  • Future risks and opportunities in insurance
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