The global InsurTech startup ecosystem saw record-breaking level of investments of US$2.5 billion in Q3 2020. As the category begins to heat up both in Canada and globally, we are going to explore where the future innovation and investment opportunities are from investors’ perspectives.

This event brought together a combination of institutional and corporate VCs who shared their views of the InsurTech space and where they believed opportunities would lie in this sector.

Prior to the panel, the moderator Laviva Mazhar from Luge Capital gave a short presentation of key findings from Luge Capital’s “Status of the Canadian InsurTech Landscape” report ( – an in-depth analysis of technology trends across the Canadian insurance industry, InsurTech startup activities, venture funding, innovation and future opportunities.

– Jillian Williams – Investment Principal at Anthemis Group
– Jonathan Kalman – Founding Partner at Eos Venture Partners
– Joshua Cohen – Principal at Liberty Mutual Strategic Ventures
– Rob Scully – Director at Manulife Capital Ventures

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