Start building home equity years sooner with Key.

Key is solving a generational crisis with homeownership-on-demand. Key is making the dream of homeownership a reality again for aspiring first-time home buyers by fundamentally changing the way real estate works for the better, for the many, making financial prosperity realistic and attainable. Their patent-pending model makes home ownership attainable with an initial investment of only 2.5% (versus the typical 20%) and no need for a mortgage. Key also delivers the benefits of ownership – growing equity and security of tenancy – with the freedoms and flexibility of renting.

“Our young people are locked out of condominium ownership and are renting forever from absentee investor-landlords, not building wealth with the low-risk investment they want and always worried about the dreaded knock on the door. This is upside down.”

Rob Richards, CEO

Luge Capital Team

Joined Portfolio

November 2020


Proptech / Homeownership-as-a-Service (HaaS)

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