Small, standalone payment receiver, accepting touchless payments™ and donations.

tiptap leverages touchless technology to facilitate cashless transactions and enable tech for good through touchless payments™ and touchless giving™.

tiptap has created an NFC-enabled wireless device that allows for the instant acceptance of any contactless payment or donation. Each unit functions as an autonomous POS system, enabling touchless transactions without additional equipment or complicated back-end technology. 

“tiptap is more than just a payment solution. It is the realization of a dream to help others. People around the globe just don’t carry cash anymore. With no current digital alternative for quick impulse donations and small-denomination cash transactions, we created a simple acceptance device for a cashless economy, allowing others to transact and give in a way that works for them.

Chris Greenfield, CEO & Founder

Luge Capital Team

Joined Portfolio

November 2019



tiptap’s Founder

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