Gisele Karekezi

Marketing, Communications & Office Manager


Gisele Karekezi has an extensive background in tech community building and management, and public relations. Prior to Luge, she was the Europe Regional Manager at Angelhack, the world’s most diverse hacker community, driving innovation of tech products through developer programs. She grew and consolidated the AngelHack community in over nine European cities, built and managed partnerships with diverse stakeholders (corporations, startups, governments, NGOs), and planned events across Europe, North America and Dubai. Prior to that, she was the director of communications and operations at WearHacks, a tech-focused social venture promoting innovation and education in wearable technology and IoT around the globe.

Gisele has a BA in Political Science and African Studies from McGill University, in addition to a Certificate in Public Relations and Communications Management from McGill University. Gisele is an Included VC 2021 Fellow and a Steering Committee Member at the Black Wealth Club.

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“Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work”

– Albert Einstein

3 things about Gisele

Why am I in the VC industry?

It’s a great opportunity to meet inspiring founders and witness various startups journeys.

What excites you about the Fintech industry?

Fintech creates more financial inclusion and financial literacy. It offers solutions to help underserved communities worldwide.

Fun facts about me:

As a kid I wanted to become an astronaut and spent hours at the city’s library reading about astronomy, astrophysics and geology.

I like martial arts and spent three months in a remote Shaolin martial arts academy in China’s East mountains to learn Sanda (Chinese kickboxing).

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